Data Analysis

Data Analysis

The vast amounts of information available online is what sets digital marketing apart from traditional forms of marketing.


Picture this:

You place an ad in your local newspaper advertising a special offer in your store. After running the ad for a couple of weeks, you get access to a report that shows you exactly how many people read your ad, where they were when they read it, how long they spent reading the ad, and whether or not they took action to avail of the special offer.


Sounds a bit far fetched?

When it comes to traditional marketing – yes, of course it does.


But using data analytics you have access to this information about your online marketing activities.

Not just ads either. With analytics tools such as Google Analytics, you can get a whole host of valuable insights into how people use your website.


  • How they found your website.
  • Which pages were viewed most often and for the longest length of time.
  • Which parts of your site visitors clicked on most.


All this data can help you refine your online strategy and help you use digital resources more effectively.GAcert(2) It allows you to refine your site to ensure you are giving your customers exactly what they want.


At Jam Digital, we know how to analyse this data to gain the most appropriate insights to help your business. Having achieved google certification in analytics we know how to sift through the mountain of information and find the indicators that will help your business succeed and grow.

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