When first approached about the project, the owner of the store just had the name. Asked to design a logo for the store, Jam Digital came up with a number of options for the owner based on the brief of ‘simple and elegant’. After some refining we settled on the logo that is used now on the store front, online and elsewhere, such as bags and gift cards.


Social Media

With no online presence and the store opening a couple of months away, social media was identified as a method of raising awareness of the new store. After assessing the target market, Facebook and Instagram were identified as the main platforms to concentrate on, while a twitter profile was also tested. A planned campaign was carried out,  mainly on Facebook in the lead up to launch promoting the brands to be carried and product previews. This resulted in over 2000 followers before the store opened. Most important, though, was the level of engagement on social channels which meant a customer base was present and growing even before the doors had opened for the first time.


The next piece of the online project was to create a website, an online home for J’Adore Shoe Boutique. The original plan was to create a simple website with basic information such as location, brands stocked and contact details. However due to the success of the store after opening, together with the level of online engagement from customers, it was decided to launch a full eCommerce store.

The main challenge identified was how to manage stock both offline – in the store, and online – on the website. Working closely with the store owner, we identified the correct platform, which integrated with the point of sale system in store, to provide live availability of stock across all platforms. This meant that when a sale was made in store, it would reduce the stock available online and vice versa. We felt this was required to avoid orders being placed online for a product that was sold out.

Launching just before Christmas 2018, orders started coming in through the website from day 1. The engagement on social media, facebook in particular, meant the audience was already there online. Ensuring that social posts linked directly to the relevant page on the website also meant that potential customers were only a couple of clicks away from a purchase.

“Ongoing support and expertise are a vital asset in growing my business”

James @ Jamdigital designed my website when we first opened our store in 2018. The process from start to finish couldn’t have been more straight forward. James offers a very professional, cost effective web design service for all businesses. He helped me to develop my brand and I really appreciate the expertise that JamDigital has brought to my business along with the increase in sales. James has continued to work with me and his ongoing support and expertise are a vital asset in growing my business. I couldn’t recommend JamDigital’s services enough. 

Majella Wall / J'Adore Shoe Boutique